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Sprint Awards – second round of funding

Following the decision in May to award this year’s Sprint Award to miiCard, it has been agreed that there will be a second round of funding for Sprint Proposals in 2015 for the amount of 15,000€.

Those members who wish to submit their proposals are welcome to do so. Previous applicants from the initial bidding process are also welcome to resubmit their proposals, amended to take account of the judging panel’s feedback.

New applications should be submitted by 30 November 2015 to the TDL Office. See here for more information about the submission process.

TDL recommendations to NIS

Following the work undertaken by the Network and Information Security Public Private Platform (NIS Platform), in particular, the NIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), it became a priority for TDL to support this initiative by sharing knowledge and aligning priorities. As a result, TDL, who already had representatives involved and contributing to NIS, have concluded a short report highlighting some of the key (early) findings and recommendations, at both research and instruments level. Overall these proposed actions are aimed at complementing or supplementing the work done by the NIS Platform.

This report primarily targets the NIS Platform’s SRA, prepared by its WG3, and focusses on issues related to cybersecurity research and innovation in the context of the EU strategy for cybersecurity. However, the report is also relevant for other NIS WGs (i.e. WG1 on risk management and WG2 on information sharing) and the SRA community at large.

Find it on the publications page.

TDL Annual report 2014

TDL is proud to present its first annual report ever!
Find it on the publications page.

Trust in Digital World Conference 2015

The Trust in the Digital World Conference was a great success! Find out all about it on our past events page.

Trust in Digital Life (TDL)

The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community was formed by leading industry partners and knowledge institutes that hold trust and trustworthy services to be an essential ingredient of the digital economy. The TDL community is committed to enabling a trustworthy ecosystem that protects the rights of citizens while creating new business opportunities.

To this end, TDL will research, pilot and incubate trustworthy ICT services and technologies in an innovative environment.

TDL will form the bridge between citizens entitled to the best possible services and an industry that develops devise, applications and services that protect them from Internet threats and provides them at an affordable price.

A major focus will be on the European research and business agenda.

Vision statement

Our vision is a vibrant digital Europe that benefits both business and citizens and that all have reason to trust.

Mission statement

TDL’s mission is to create a trusted ecosystem that protects data and assets of citizens and enterprises through which industry can provide innovative and trustworthy ICT products and solutions across Europe.

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