Trust in the Digital World

An association focusing on TRUST for our Digital Life


The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community, formed by leading industry partners and institutes, considers trust as a priority prerequisite.  Trustworthy  ICT  solutions  must  become  a commodity enforced by citizens and law. The Trust in Digital Life community has  capabilities  to  resolve  the  issues  and  will  research,  pilot  and  promote  innovative trustworthy ICT environments and technologies.

TDL community encourages the industry to develop innovative information  and communication technologies, enabling consumers and enterprises to judge for themselves  if  their devices,  applications  and  services  are  trustworthy  enough  to  protect  them  from  internet  threats. Industry has the ambition to provide these technologies for an affordable price to the market.

The Trust in Digital Life community will support the industry and government in achieving a take-up rate of trustworthy ICT by the following means:

  1. Raising awareness through monitoring the impact of incidents.
  2. Raising awareness through the definition and testing of interoperable frameworks for e-authentication services in both public and private domains.
  3. Defining end-to-end technology platforms for user controlled data life cycle management.
  4. Defining end-to-end technology platforms for mobile service integrity.


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