A TDL sprint success story: Trustseed’s E-Identification

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Sahra Benoudiba, Jurist at Trustseed

The use of online signature, or e-Signature, can really make life easier for businesses and citizens if this new technique is able to ensure valid consent of end-users. Trustseed’s aim is to improve social e-ID, which is currently only existing with low value, to make it more reliable using the Microsoft claim system. Supporting documents are checked to prove that the identity of a legal or natural person is valid.

Trustseed’s sprint is a use-case of new trust services and e-ID regulation, using an automated legal component: the online signature. Furthermore, e-ID authorizes by certificate, which is compliant with the privacy regulation. This innovative architecture can ultimately simplify the life of citizens, companies and public administrations. Finally, this ICT-solution is cheap, easy to use and deploy, and offers high results in matters of security, interoperability, and probative value.

The use-case of e-ID has been made possible by TDL’s sprint competition. The TDL sprint framework allows confidence and permits SMEs to initiate partnerships with large entities in Europe, which would otherwise be very difficult. The TDL Sprint award is a good way to showcase the expertise and know-how of small and medium sized companies. Moreover, it incites the full execution of the project, thanks to the financial award; an important stimulator for SMEs and knowledge institutes. After having participated in this sprint award competition, TrustSeed is now fully aware of the potential of the TDL community as an incubator. Due to winning the competition, Trustseed received multiple proposals for partnership, which demonstrates the great benefits of the sprint competition, especially if one is to win it.