EU-CHECK Workshop Athens 2024

13 May 2024
- 14 May 2024
Roundtables & Workshops

MONDAY, 13 MAY 2024

09:30 Welcome Vasia Liagkou
09:45 Programme at a glance Afonso Ferreira
10:00 Update on EU-CHECK Afonso
10:15 Innovating Education: Exploring the metaverse, cybersecurity, and secure AI platforms Vasia Liagkou
10:45 Cybersecurity training: The CybersecPro and Nero approaches Christos Douligeris
11:15 Coffee break All
11:45 Identity management: Defending European assets by clarifying the difference between identity and identifier in
e.g. the eIDAS discussion
Kai Rannenberg
12:15 Required foresight skills for a master in cybersecurity and cyber defence Gabriele Lenzini
12:45 Morning wrap-up All
13:00 Lunch All
14:30 Cloud migration of OT systems and functions Vasilis Gkioulos
15:00 Exploring digital threats and emerging trends Winnie Mbaka
15:30 Translating the AIA and the CRA onto software and organisational requirements Daniele Canavese , Afonso Ferreira
16:00 Coffee break All
16:30 ‘Data is not the new oil’: Sustainable data sharing and digital identity wallets David Goodman
17:00 The ECCO project and
its communities
Kai Rannenberg
17:30 Open conversations All
18:00 Closing the day Afonso Ferreira
20:30 Dinner All

TUESDAY, 14 MAY 2024

10:00 Welcome Vasia
10:15 The day at a glance Afonso
10:30 Enhancing engagement and collaboration within the EU-CHECK Youth Network (EUCYN): A progress report and call for input Winnie Mbaka
11:00 COST proposal follow-up & next steps EU-CHECK All
11:30 Coffee break All
12:00 EU-CHECK @ Privacy Symposium All
12:30 EU-CHECK @ the Ecosystem All
13:00 Morning wrap-up All
13:15 Lunch All
14:45 EU-CHECK in Paris, September/October 2024 All
15:15 Mid-term review All
15:45  CONVERGENCE 2024 All
16:15 Coffee Break All
16:45 Potential Erasmus+ calls Vasia
17:15 Other calls (MSCA) and open
18:15 Closing the meeting Afonso
18:30 The end


With thanks to CTI for hosting this workshop!