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Decentralised identity & verifiable credentials (September 2023)

Review of new and proposed EU regulations (September 2023)

The trustworthiness of 6G, the sustainability and the potential impact on 5G and AI (October 2023)

The case for near data processing architectures (November 2023)


Metaverse: Beyond The Hype (12 July 2023)

This session featured two new TDL members, Afonso Ferreira from CNRS/IRIT and Shukun Tokas from SINTEF. Together with TDL's David Goodman, Afonso and Shukun explored proposed developments in the regulation and governance of metaverses as well as the implications for personal and data privacy concerns.

Read more and watch the webinar here!

The EU Digital Identity Wallet Initiative & Rollout  (25 April 2023)

The TDL's 2023 series of webinars kicked off on 25 April, with an overview of the EU's ambitious initiative to enable all European citizens to have access to a digital identity.

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