Multiple Views on Blockchain: Technology, Use Cases, Economics and Policies

The Hague Security Delta, 17 June 2016

Conference Report:

Multiple Views on Blockchain Technology

Keynote: Professor Dr Srdjan Capkun, ETH Zürich

Srdjan Capkun.pdf

Research Foundations for  Blockchain

Ghassan Karame, Senior Researcher, NEC Labs Europe (Moderator)

Governance, consensus and blockchain as a service – the emergence of a science of distributed  ledgers, Professor Michael Huth, Computer Science, Imperial College London Michael Huth.pdf

On the security and performance of proof of work blockchains, Professor Dr Srdjan Capkun, ETH Zürich

Hyperledger fabric: towards scalable blockchain for business, Marko Vukolic, Research Staff Member at IBM Research Labs, Zürich Marko Vukolic.pdf

The promises and pitfalls of distributed consensus systems: from contract signing to crypto-currencies, Alexandra Dmitrienko, ETH Zürich Alexandra Dmitrienko.pdf

Applications of Blockchain for  Enterprise

Claire Vishik, Trust & Security Technology & Policy Director, Intel Corporation (Moderator)

Blockchain in the enterprise, Raimund Gross, Innovation Manager and Futurist, SAP Raimund Gross.pdf

Blockchain in healthcare, Arno Laeven, Head of Blockchain Lab, Phillips Arno Laeven.pdf

Making blockchain real for business, Matthew Golby-Kirk, Global Blockchain Labs Enablement, CTO Europe Office, IBM Matthew Golby-Kirk.pdf

Blockchain: disrupting trust services, Jacob Boersma, Managing Consultant, Digital Identity and Blockchain, Deloitte Jacob Boersma.pdf

Regulatory and Societal Issues in  Blockchain

Riccardo Masucci, Senior Privacy and Security Policy Manager, Intel Corporation (Moderator)

Blockchain:  An initial approach to regulation, Jason Albert, Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Corporate, External & Legal Affairs, Microsoft

Harnessing blockchains to decentralise data governance, Fabrizio Sestini, Senior Expert in Digital Society Innovation, DG CONNECT, European CommissionFabrizio Sestini.pdf

Data protection implications of blockchain  technology, Fidel Santiago, Technology and Security Officer, EDPS Fidel Santiago.pdf

Self-regulation for virtual currencies  companies, Mieke de Haas, Compliance Officer, Biccur Mieke De Haas.pdf

Keynote:  Marietje  Schaake, Member of the European Parliament
Innovation: New Markets, New Ideas

David Goodman, Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research (Moderator)

Reinventing real estate using blockchain technology, Robert Reinder Nederhoed, CEO, Bitmymoney Robert Nederhoed.pdf

Blockchain for enterprises, Wilfried Hoffman, Co-founder, Tymlez Wilfried Hoffman.pdf

Dug Campbell, Product Manager, miiCard Organiser, Scottish Blockchain Meetup Dug Campbell.pdf