Recent Events


The Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU, Brussels and online
14 September 2022

TDL in collaboration with CyberSec4Europe and the Digital Enlightenment Forum with the friendly support of the Hessen Representation organised a two-hour roundtable in-person and online event.

A report on the event can be found here.


Brussels, 22 May 2018

TDL and New Europe organised a half-day roundtable event, hosted by the Press Club Brussels together with the Association of European Journalists. The event brought together representatives from the European Institutions, academia and industry to discuss best practices in the security assessment area.

A report on the event can be found here


Leuven, 14/15 March 2018
The spring TDL working group meeting was hosted by KU Leuven over two days. The meeting reviewed the latest activities of the three working groups, Blockchain, Personal Data and Securing ICDs as well as the current TDL Sprint and the Next Generation Sprint initiative.

The keynote address given by Professor Bart Preneel can be found here. The report from the meeting is available here.

Whose Data Is It Anyway?

Edinburgh, 14 December 2017
TDL held a one-day event organised by the Personal Data Working Group and hosted at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with The ID Co on 14 December 2017. “Whose Data Is It Anyway?” debated on the various regulations and realities about privacy and the use of personal data. The conference report will be available shortly.

Edinburgh Working Group

Edinburgh, 24 October 2017
The autumn TDL working group meeting was held in Edinburgh on 24 October 2017 at the School of Informatics University of Edinburgh. The agenda is here.

From Research to Innovation – The Blockchain Era

Brussels, 6 June 2017
Following the highly successful TDL Blockchain Conference in The Hague in June 2016, TDL, in collaboration with New Europe, continued to explore the range of activities associated with blockchain, one of the most significant and exciting disruptive technologies of recent years. The presentations can be found here.

Heidelberg Working Group

Heidelberg, 23-24 May 2017
The spring Working Group meeting was hosted by NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg and continued the activities of the three working groups. It was followed by a half-day meeting (24 May) to discuss plans for future Sprint activities. The reports from the two days are available as follows:

Amsterdam Working Group

Amsterdam, 2 February 2017
This Working Group meeting was hosted by Verizon Enterprise Solutions at their offices in Amsterdam. The attached programme contains the agenda and the logistics for the meeting.

Zürich Working Group

Zürich, 22 September 2016
The last Working Group took place at IBM Research Lab in Rüschlikon near Zürich on Thursday 22 September.

Amongst the topics covered at the meeting were the furtherance of the work of the Blockchain Working Group, TDL’ s contribution to the Cybersecurity PPP and the new edition of the Strategic Research Agenda. See agenda.

The keynote presentation for this meeting was given by Dr David Goodman, TechVision Research.  Jens Hermans, KU Leuven, also gave a presentation on KUL’s completed Sprint project.

TDL Blockchain Conference 2016

Multiple Views on Blockchain: Technology, Use Cases, Economics, and Policies
The Hague, 17 June 2016
Besides the extensive, in depth report, the Blockchain Working Group co-ordinated a one-day conference, in partnership with The Hague Security Delta and the Institute for Financial Crime (IFFC), and sponsored by Intel, miiCard and NEC, on 17 June in The Hague. The objective was to bring together researchers, practitioners and regulators engaged in crypto-currency and blockchain activities in order to initiate a multi-disciplinary community of blockchain research and practice. The high profile set of speakers included:

  • Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament
  • Professor Srdjan Capkun, ETH Zürich
  • Jason Albert, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft
  • Robert Reinder Nederhoed, CEO, Bitmymoney
  • Professor Michael Huth, Imperial College London

Review the presentations and download the conference report.

Trust in the Digital World 2016

The Hague, 15-16 June 2016
This year’s TDW was held in collaboration with two partners, EEMA and IDnext, and hosted in The Hague by the municipality, Gemeente Den Haag. The Platinum sponsor was Microsoft and the reception sponsor, Grabowsky. The programme was structured to penetrate the challenges and opportunities that are emerging as a result of the application of transformatory technologies in new situations as well as to delve into the threats and preventive strategies including legislation that will serve to protect us from the increasing threat of intrusion. Cloud, blockchain and advances in biometrics were some of the exciting, attention-catching technologies highlighted. Meanwhile as we as citizens become more and more reliant on mobile, smart devices for every type of commercial and social transaction, we are also becoming increasingly aware that the vast volumes of data we generate are being aggregated and analysed. Underlying our desire to advance the use of new technologies and devices is the same basic prerequisite to establish trust, through the improved management of identity and cybersecurity – the core of what TDL and its partners are about. The keynote speakers included:

  • Andrea Servida, European Commission, Rolling out eIDAS: boosting trust and security in the Digital Single Market
  • Ronny Bjones, Microsoft, Solutions to security and identity
  • Sarah Munro, Head of Digital Identity, Barclays UK, The journey so far
  • Jacoba Sieders, Head of IAM for ABN AMRO Bank, Biometrics, ABAC and undentification
  • Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion, IoT Identity for the New World
  • Amin Rafiee, Ambassador of BITNATION, Bitcoin, decentralisation and current developments
  • Dr. Jörg Hladjk, Of Counsel, Jones Day, The EU General Data Protection Regulation – how can companies prepare for compliance?

For all presentations, please go here