Personal Data Conferences

Whose Data Is It Anyway?

Edinburgh, 08:30-15:15 BST, 14 December 2017

TDL’s first personal data event, in collaboration with Edinburgh-based The ID Co. and others, discussed and debated the present-day regulations and realities associated with privacy and the use of personal data and looked to understand how potential conflicts of interest can be avoided in the future. The objective of the one-day event was to leave with a better understanding of what the world might look like three to five years after the introduction of key regulations from the perspectives of all the stakeholders concerned.

A business might argue persuasively of the need to profile its users to manage any risks associated with offering products and services; and yet on the other hand a consumer may have justifiable security and privacy concerns about how their data is being handled and managed securely. Both may turn to the emerging regulations, notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), for guidance and come away either confused or simply give up. This, despite the regulators having had in mind clear and reasonable principles when striving to cater for the ambition of businesses while at the same time upholding the rights of citizens. With so much at stake, it would not be – and isn’t – surprising that some things are getting ‘lost in translation’.

Our intention was to look at the principles behind the regulations as well as the apparent contradictions between the desires and expectations of businesses, the financial community, regulators, innovators as well as consumers.

Outline Programme

08:30  Breakfast

09:30 Keynote: Principles and Reality: What’s important and what isn’t
Speaker: Stuart Lang, Financial Services Partner, EY

10:00  Open Banking & PSD2: The new transparencies will bring concerns and fears to businesses and consumers. What is the likely impact for both?
Panel Moderator: James Varga, CEO, The ID Co.

11:00  GDPR: A High-Level View: What are the main areas of contention when implementing GDPR; and how do we go about addressing those issues?
Panel Moderator: David Goodman, Trust in Digital Life

12:00   Lunch

12:45  Consumers & Business: Is there a clash of expectations and aspirations, and, if so, how are we going to achieve and manage a win-win?
Debate Moderator: Geoff Revill, CEO and Founder, KrowdThink

13:45   Start-ups & Regulations: How can start-ups and innovation flourish without the resources of the corporates to interpret and implement the regulations?
Debate Moderator: Giles Watkins, UK Country Leader, International Association of Privacy Professionals

14:45   Concluding Session: Whose Future Is It Anyway?  Based on today’s debate, where will we be in three to five years? What can we do today to get to where we want to be?
Debate Moderator: Amardeo Sarma, General Manager, Security and Networking Research Division, NEC Laboratories Europe
Participants: Geoff Revill, David Goodman, Gavin Littlejohn, Giles Watkins

15:15   Wrap