Trust in the Digital World 2016

New Babylon Meeting Centre, The Hague, 15-16 June 2016
This annual, independent, two-day industry conference was organized by TDL, EEMA and IDnext in collaboration with Den Gemeente Den Haag and focussed on public and private trust related to the European Cyber Security Strategy.

Event Proceedings

Welcome, Ingrid van Engelshoven, Vice Mayor, City of The Hague

Rolling out eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014, Andrea Servida, Head of Task Force Legislation Team , European Commission

Identity for the 21st Century, Ronny Bjones, Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services , Microsoft

The Journey So Far, Sarah Munro, Head of Digital Identity, Barclays UK

Identity & Access Management – trends & innovation, Jacoba Sieders, Head of Identity & Access Management , ABN AMRO

Industry Initiatives to Inspire Trust in Digital Products & Services, Patrice Chazerand, Director, Digital Europe

From inter(mediary)net to trusted internet, Henrik Biering, CEO , Peercraft

The responsibility of open standards in an era of surveillance, Harry Halpin , W3C (FR)

Identity assurance – the art of knowing your customer, John Erik Setsaas, Senior Development Architect , SigniCat

Identity management evolves – the balance between identification & authentication, Marcel van Kleef, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014 – where do we stand, Andrea Servida, Head of Task Force Legislation Team , European Commission

ENISA activities in the area of trust services, Dr Prokopios Drogkaris, Officer in Network & Information Security , ENISA

A quick overview of eIDAS related standards ….., Olivier Delos, Managing Director , SEALED

Reconciling security & functional requirements in the cloud, Melek Önen, Senior Researcher , Eurecom

Cloud security – challenges … and solutions (?), Frederik Armknecht, Associate Professor , University of Mannheim

Consolidating security in the cloud, Dr Andrew Byrne, Senior Research Scientist , EMC Research EuropeConsolidating security in the cloud

How to prepare a trust service provider for the eIDAS age, Alvaro Matos , DigitalSign- Certificadora Digital, Portugal

eID for and eID-usage by Estonians and eEstonians, Kalev Pihl, CEO, SK

Secure log-in in the The Netherlands and all across Europe Herkenning/Idensys, Marijke Salters & Marije Jurriens , Logius

Trust in digital life & business transactions, Rieks Joosten, Sr Researcher Information Security , TNO

One digital ID on the smartphone to secure physical and digital worlds, Sebastian Zehetbauer, Innovations Engineer , Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH

Impositions on the private sector with or without Brexit, Mark King, Consultant, Broadsail

Witdom, Fernando Carmona , ATOS

Clarus: Enabling Privacy and Security for Data Outsourced to the Cloud, Pieter-Jan Omblet , KU Leuven

Towards a fully provisioning of security-as-a-service, Prof Valentina Casola , Università di Napoli Federico II

PRISMACLOUD Tools – a cryptographic toolbox for increasing security in cloud services, Thomas Länger , Université Lausanne

Is blockchain the future of identity assurance?, John Erik Setsaas, Senior Development Architect , Signicat

Blockchain is just a technology – you still need attestation, Dug Campbell, Product Manager, miiCard

e-ID and Mobile ID – a Dutch perspective, Salah Bohoudi, Enterprise Security Architect , Europol

iDIN in pilot first results, Allard Keuter, Senior Consultant & Scheme Architect , iDIN

Frictionless and Secure Mobile Finance, by Denis Joannides, Founder & CEO , Onegini

The Internet of Everyone Else’s Things, Dave Birch, Director of Innovation , Consult Hyperion

Bitcoin, decentralisation and current developments, Amin Rafiee, Ambassador, BITNATION

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, Jörg Hladjk, of Counsel, Jones Day

Cybersecurity – it doesn’t apply to me, Andrew Taylor, CEO , BeCyberSure

The state of information securtiy in Spain, Carlos Davila , BeCyberSure

Mandatory EU privacy protection Bio-PIN provides compliance without regulatory impediments, J J Nietfield, Associate Professor , University Medical Centre, Utrecht

Risk cues and warnings against phishing do not always work, Marianne Junger, Prof Cybersecurity , University of Twente

TrustTester secure validation of personal data, Jeroen Laarakkers , TNO

LSP pilot experiences and results and the future with regard to CEF-building blocks, Hans van der Burght, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (eSENS)

Preview of FutureTrust & LIGHTest projects, Jon Shamah, Chair , EEMA

The European Marketplace for intelligent mobility, Hugo Kerschot, Managing Director , is-practice

The role of artificial intelligence for trust in the digital economy, Huma Shah, Research Fellow , Coventry University

Mobile ID – your mobile passport in the new generation government, Jana Krimpe, Founder , B.EST Solutions LLC

Introducing the new consent service from KnowNow – Consentua, Chris Cooper, Co-founder & Director , KnowNow

Learning from master practitioners – security according to ants, Mike Chung, Associate Partner , IBM

Reaping the benefits of open data, Dinand Tinholt, Vice President , Capgemini Consulting

Bringing your data everywhere in the Internet of (every)Thing – a legal reading of the new right to portability, Lucio Scudiero, Senior REsearcher , Italian Institute for Privacy

Health data in the IoT – a privacy nightmare?, Prof Christoph Sorge , University of Saarlandes

Ensuring privacy in IoT based big data applications – the SMARTIE approach, Prof Peter Langendörfer , IHP

Distributing user certificates to mobile devices, Gunnar Jacobson, CEO , Secardeo

From real world identities to privacy-preserving and attribute-based CREDentials, Bharadwaj Pulugundla, Consultant , Verizon

Trust Service Provider in mobile business, Dan Butnaru, Marketing Director , IDNomic

Security, convenience & mobility, Gregory Vigroux, Marketing Specialist , Gemalto