TDL is a community for members to exchange ideas, about leading edge technology, methodologies and services, which may lead to bilateral business contacts and it can also provide leads for new insights and innovation. The association has created two related vehicles to fulfil these expectations:

  • the Sprint programme for agile validation of innovative product or service concepts. The principle of the Sprint approach is to accelerate innovation and to validate the feasibility of innovative services, products or business models, using trust framework schemes and concepts describing the interacting elements and principles of a trustworthy technology framework, such as a generic trust architecture.
  • a catalogue of innovative software solutions for sharing and evaluation
The Innovation Catalogue

The Innovation Catalogue consists of innovative software components that have been developed by individuals, companies or knowledge institutes as well as the output for EC and other collaborative projects.

EC Projects:
Software Component Providers:
Submitting A Component To The Innovation Catalogue

TDL members and non-members can offer trustworthy software components for others to experiment with and provide feedback. The requirements for the submission and publication of a new component in the catalogue are access to the component itself, either locally or on an external site, an appropriate level of support and documentation as well as any use terms and conditions that may apply. Once the proposal form for submitting a new innovation component has been completed, evaluated and approved, the solution will appear in the innovation catalogue.