TDL is open for any European organisation willing to exchange knowledge and experience, and sharing customer and market insights and commitments, for joint research and cross-sector development. The ambition is to develop a well-balanced community with contributions from leading edge industry parties, knowledge institutes, law firms, user groups, trade associations, policy makers and local governments. As a TDL member you can:

  • Influence Europe’s vision on trust.
  • Share and enrich your knowledge and insights on law, markets, and technology with experts and fellow professionals.
  • Create promising opportunities for public-private research projects in European framework programs.
  • Contribute to high quality content and papers.
  • Validate and improve your trust-related research or business strategies.

TDL offers its members the opportunity to proactively participate in shaping an evolving ecosystem in which people enjoy justified trust. The association provides participants with a vehicle for developing a positive vision and speaking with one voice regarding trustworthy ICT-related products.

Formal membership of TDL provides its members with high value benefits, such as:

  • Actively contributing to the strategic research agenda, with access to all information.
  • Receiving financial awards for the development of demonstrators on trustworthy ICT solutions and execution of detailed expert studies on law, marketing and technology.
  • Developing concrete public–private collaborative projects within EC framework programs.

Organizations with a demonstrable interest in promoting the trustworthiness in ICT-related products are eligible to apply for formal membership. Whether applicants are companies, research labs, academics or government entities, knowledge and commitment to really contribute to the effort are the main requirements for membership.

The Articles of Association set out a membership fee and other provisions that all members are expected to follow. This year membership is set at €10,000 for industry members and €2,000 for knowledge institutes and SMEs.

Membership is not necessary for individuals or organizations to participate in the wider forums that the association may convene. It’s also possible to participate in TDL activities as an observer for three months. Providing you have agreed to the Articles of Association as well as the Policies and Procedures, you are eligible to join a working group meeting and to see what TDL has to offer. After this observer period you must make a choice of either joining as a full member or not joining the association.

All members and other participants in TDL are expected to accept the principle that information generated from TDL activities can be shared with others.