Over the last couple of years, TDL co-organised or participated in conferences, webinars and other events. Below of some of the highlights of the recent TDL calendar.


TDL co-organised and participated in CyberSec4Europe’s Momentum!, a two-day event on 1 and 2 December at the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU in central Brussels.


Keynote speakers who shared their visions and expectations for the coming years from the perspectives of technology, industry, politics and cyber war and its social impact, included:

  • Mario Campolargo, Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Administrative Modernisation, Government of Portugal

  • Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO, Cybernetica AS

  • Professor Bart Preneel, Head of Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC), KU Leuven

The conference also included an evening social event, featuring a keynote and special guest speakers sharing their thoughts and discussing, 'Cybersecurity in Europe: Past, Present and Future’.

From the frontline of cybersecurity challenges, Ievgen Vladimirov, a founder and honorary member of the International Cybersecurity University, gave a keynote address on a live link from Kyiv.

Other guest speakers and panellists included:

  • Tamara Tafra, Minister Counsellor, Cyber issues, hybrid threats and disinformation, Permanent Representation of Croatia to the European Union
  • Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)
  • Katarzyna PrusakGórniak, Head of Digital Affairs Unit in Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU, Deputy Chair of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre Governing Board
  • Francesco Barbato, Programme Manager, Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Cláudio TeixeiraLegal Officer – Digital and Consumer Rights, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)

Another highlight of the event was the presentation and demonstration of six shortlisted project 'key exploitable and innovative results' which an independent jury then reviewed.

In addition, the project work leaders  showcased their achievements on governance to standardisation, from blueprint research to skills training and also share their visions for the future in each of these areas.

All in all, this was a fitting and remarkable opportunity to discover what was learnt in CyberSec4Europe and to understand its vision for the way forward for the European cybersecurity community.

The event webspace with recordings and presentations is

Online Services: Improving Usability and Trust14 September 2022, Brussels and online
A roundtable event in collaboration with CyberSec4Europe, the Digital Enlightenment Forum and the Hessen RepresentationLead speakers were:

  • Finn Myrstad, Norwegian Consumer Council
  • Sebastian Pape, Continental AG (and Goethe University)
  • David Goodman, TDL

Topics covered were privacy breach investigations and consequences, privacy-enhancing technologies, cookies and trackers and myths surrounding AI and ML

  • Deeper dive follow-up events envisaged
  • The presentations and the audio recording are available on the TDL website

Cross Border Data Flows: Security and privacy issues within the EU and beyond6 July 2022, Brussels and onlineAn online evening panel discussion in collaboration with CyberSec4Europe and the Hessen RepresentationKeynote speaker: Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection SupervisorOther panellists:

  • Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Director, Rule of Law & Responsible Tech, European Government Affairs, Microsoft
  • Laurent De Muyter, Partner, Antitrust, Telecom and Data Protection, JonesDay
  • Romain Robert, Program Director, NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights

The presentations and the audio recording are available here.Benefits and Risks of Emerging Technologies and the GDPR16 February 2022, Brussels and onlineAn evening panel discussion in collaboration with CyberSec4Europe and the Hessen RepresentationPanellists were:

  • Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)
  • Lars Bruckner, Director, EU Public Affairs Office, NEC Brussels Office
  • Irina Orssich, Head of Sector AI Policy, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Ivana Bartoletti, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Wipro
  • Vincenzo Tiani, Partner, PANETTA Law Firm, Brussels Office

The presentations and the audio recording are available here