New Working Groups Launch in Amsterdam

tdloffice General

Next Thursday Verizon Enterprise Solutions are hosting TDL’s first working group meeting of 2017 in their offices in the centre of Amsterdam. The new year kick off will reflect the resolutions made at the strategy review in November with the inauguration of two new working groups in addition to the successful Blockchain group that was formed a year ago. During 2016 the group collaborated on the production of a thought provoking first paper and held a highly successful multi-disciplinary one-day event. The plan for 2017 includes new papers addressing different aspects of the application of blockchain, as well as a workshop, social events and webinars.

The first of the new groups, Creating Awareness of the Regulatory Landscape Impacting Personal Data for SMEs, is aimed at addressing the dilemma facing many of the businesses not adequately equipped to deal with the impact on the use of personal data from PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) in the context of GDPR, the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation. The intended output of the group includes providing guidance and advice for citizens and businesses, particularly SMEs, on how to operate in a best practice approach in a privacy-driven world as well as educational materials that can be taken to industry, startups, SMEs and others to help establish a common and balanced understanding of the critical issues associated with privacy in an increasingly data rich online world.

The second group, Securing Internet-Connected Devices, is concerned with the vulnerability of unprotected smart devices from malware and other forms of cyber attacks, as evidenced by recent well-reported incidents, highlighting one of the critical issues associated with the massive growth of the IoT (Internet of Things).  This group is looking to deliver insights and recommendations for businesses, governments and citizens as well as a demonstrator platform for testing IoT devices and the results of a small number of technical solutions.

Interested? Come to the Amsterdam meeting or simply express your interest to the TDL Office –