Digital Enlightenment Forum

The Digital Enlightenment Forum (DEF) is a not-for-profit association that organises and provides leadership in exchanges between representatives of science, technology, policy, law and society. Its leadership is based on a holistic approach to a free, secure and trustworthy society that respects the essential values which evolved during the Enlightenment period. DEF proposes principles, policy recommendations and activities at technical, legal, societal and market levels for the development of the digital society, whilst ensuring democracy, human rights and freedom – including privacy for its members – as well as transparency and accountability. It seeks to introduce actions addressing the specific societal difficulties related to generational gaps in technical skills and knowledge.


EEMA is Europe’s independent identity and security association, a community of members, ambitious to stimulate the development and growth of cross-border personal, business and government transactions and communications across Europe and beyond, through discussion and debate on cutting edge issues in top class networking events. EEMA’s remit is to educate and inform its network of member contacts on the latest developments and technologies, at the same time as enabling members of the association to discuss views and ideas.

OIX - Open Identity Exchange

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a technology agnostic, non-profit trade organization of leaders from competing business sectors focused on building the volume and velocity of trusted transactions online. Formed in 2010 to address the increasing challenges of building trust in online identity, OIX enables members to expand existing identity services and serve adjacent markets. Members advance their market position through joint research and engaging in pilot projects to test real world use cases. The results of these efforts are published via OIX white papers and shared publically at OIX workshops. OIX operates the OIXnet trust registry, a global, authoritative registry of business, legal and technical requirements needed to ensure market adoption and global interoperability.