Cross-Validation of n-Auth Technology

  • The focus of the Sprint was to integrate n-Auth server components with application backends. There were several existing technologies available, such as OpenID Connect, OAuth, SAML and specific target specific n-Auth features including instant logout and transaction approval.

    n-Auth allows application providers to significantly beef up the security of their applications with a full two-factor authentication without annoying their users. n-Auth offers extreme convenience to users, as they do not even have to enter a username or password anymore.

    The perceived benefits to users are convenience and usability, as well as control over authentication with no tracking. For service providers and integrators, it presents an opportunity to reduce the impact of authentication data leaks with easy integration, low deployment cost when delivering secure mobile solutions.

    The solution is currently used by staff and students to access the KU Leuven intranet.


  • KU Leuven
  • Roel Peeters

  • There is a short tutorial on the n-Auth solution.  Or you can try it out for yourself!