Privacy-preserving Attribute-Based Authentication as a Service: Local Deployment Model

  • During the ABC4Trust project concepts and languages for privacy attribute-based credentials were developed and implemented. The implementation includes a core crypto library and a policy engine that provides interfaces for the integration with applications. The web-service interfaces consist of an issuance service, a verification service, a credential wallet service, and a directory service.

    The code was provided as an open source contribution on the and web-sites. However, compilation and deployment of this code in different PoCs still require a substantial effort and prevent the fast adoption of the developed technology.

    Therefore, the last step is required for an easy adoption of the project results: an easy deployment model that would include:

    • Server-side applications (issuance and verification) available as web-services with the setup GUI and minimalistic REST APIs (in a Docker image);
    • Example applications are open sourced and included in the Docker image.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 17.04.16

    Figure 1: Privacy-Preserving Authentication as a Service

    Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 18.05.24

    Figure 2: Docker Images


  • IBM Research - Zurich
  • Michael Osborne

  • To try out the demo, please download the code archive ( or follow the link below, unzip it, and follow the instructions specified in the file.

    A short film of the demo can be found here: PABCE Demo