Trusted Identity for e-Signatures

  • miiCard’s Sprint was aimed at integrating a mechanism to provide trusted identities for e-Signatures on top of Azure Active Directory B2C. Specifically miiCard showed that a scalable, cross- border trust framework can be used for purely online transactions that require a higher level of assurance than traditional document or data checks.

    The e-Signature requirement was to use verified attributes from government-regulated attribute providers. Primary trust was obtained from a combination of a bank’s existing strong authentication, its validation of data attributes and identity as well as live financial data (to increase traceability). A user was expected to use strong authentication to acknowledge consent.

    Integrated into Azure Active Directory B2C to be used with TDL’s existing membership on-boarding processes, miiCard demonstrated how an LOA3 ‘bank verified identity’ can break new ground in the use of institutional actors for legal-proof e-Signatures.


  • The ID Co.
  • James Varga

  • Not yet available

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