Sprint Awards

Only TDL member knowledge institutes and SMEs are eligible for an innovation Sprint award. Either alone or in collaboration with an industry partner, the proposal must relate to one or more of the TDL innovation lines. The technology described in the proposal should be (partially) existing technology. Sprint proposals must also clearly demonstrate a market need and the impact for consumers, a validation of the proposed technology and the ability to stimulate links in ICT. The winner will be selected by a panel appointed by the Board of Directors whose decision is final.

Applying for a Sprint Award

The application should contain:

  • Title and high level purpose – the key issue(s) it will solve
  • Description – what the technology/solution is and how it works
  • User experience – high level overview or short demonstration/wireframes to show user experience
  • Benefits/impact – to businesses and users
  • The Sprint – timescales and key milestones
  • Requirements/what you need – a call for collaboration partners in the areas you need

The proposal should contain:

  • The proposal should contain a worked out plan of the criteria mentioned above in presentation format (PPTX, ODP, etc.) in no more than 15 pages.
  • About 3-5 slides should be used for the 5-10 minute presentation to explain why your proposal should succeed.