Ongoing Sprints

Privacy-preserving Attribute-Based Authentication as a Service: Local Deployment Model

During the ABC4Trust project concepts and languages for privacy attribute-based credentials were developed and implemented. The implementation includes a core crypto library and a policy engine that provides interfaces for the integration with applications. The web-service interfaces consist of an issuance service, a verification service, a credential wallet service, and a directory service.

The code was provided as an open source contribution on the and web-sites. However, compilation and deployment of this code in different PoCs still require a substantial effort and prevent the fast adoption of the developed technology.

Therefore, the last step is required for an easy adoption of the project results: an easy deployment model that would include:

  • The client application (credential wallet) available as a mobile app or as a web-service (in a Docker image);
  • Server-side applications (issuance and verification) available as web-services with the setup GUI and minimalistic REST APIs (in a Docker image);
  • Example applications are open sourced and included in the Docker image.

To make the code more easily accessible for different demos and PoCs, IBM Research implemented a GUI for the credential wallet (both the web-based (Node.js) and the Android application) and the example applications for the issuance and verification services together with a minimalistic setup GUI to configure the issuance and verification services. However, further steps are required to make the existing code easily accessible and deployable.

Alexandra Institute was one of the main contributors to the code produced by the ABC4Trust project and has the prior knowledge, required expertise, and resources to complete the tasks in time.

The created Docker images will be distributed through the Docker Hub and the TDL website.