TDL Next Generation Sprints

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Since its inception, TDL has proudly supported innovative integration technology projects – or sprints –  from its SME and academic members in collaboration with industry partners to integrate with a reference platform. This year, we take the concept of trustworthy computing to the next level, bringing participation in the sprints beyond the association to a new audience.

TDL’s sprints are short projects that run for one to three months. In the past, they have already shown how innovations can be built on and add value to existing reference platforms.  Some were used in European projects, while others used the platform to connect their research output or product to a wider set of users.

So far, we have mostly used Microsoft’s Azure and Azure Active Directory. The use of an agreed set of standard and quasi-standard interfaces and APIs make it possible to transfer the results of the sprints to any other platform. We can thus use Microsoft’s platform while at the same time ensuring that there is no vendor lock-in.

To date, TDL has restricted participation to its members. TDL now intends to extend the next generation of sprints to a community of platform enhancers. The TDL Board will define the rules, and we are looking into options that will include other platforms after checking their feasibility. These sprints will not be used to develop technology, such as in EC-funded projects. Instead, the intention is to validate already developed technology in a broader context.

Next generation TDL sprints will engage two sets of actors:  the producers of technology that plug into the platform and the consumers that benefit from the added value provided.

These new sprints should not conclude with the proof of concept. Rather, we should maintain their output for enough time for consumers to avail themselves of the results. The use of the enhanced services will be subject to some level of service level agreement.

The emphasis on the interaction between producers and users in an extended validation phase with a wider audience is a significant change of direction for the next generation of sprints.

We welcome comments and suggestions from TDL members and beyond on our sprints. Our intention is to provide a sustainable environment for technology innovators and interested users to interact.

Whether or not you are currently a member of TDL and you are interested in participating in the Sprint relaunch half-day kickoff in Heidelberg on 24th May, please contact the TDL Office ( to register.