(ACcelerate Trust in digital life Organisation and Relations)

ACTOR was a two year Coordinated Action by the European Commission that ran from 2010-2012 with the objective of contributing to the research community and technological development policy for trustworthy ICT products and services. It had a key role in developing the expansion of TDL in terms of growing membership, building external relations and developing strategic research and development activities in pursuit of developing and implementing trustworthy products and services. ACTOR focused on establishing an open research and innovation community with critical mass and the positioning of TDL as an initiative geared toward concrete aims in the near term and a lasting mindset going forward. The aims of ACTOR were to support TDL with:

  1. Establishing a multidisciplinary research and innovation community consisting of at least 50-60 leading edge partners
  2. Broad support for TDL’s research roadmaps for long term research in the field of trustworthy ICT.
  3. Bundling and coordinating the effort of TDL partners to develop a promising and ambitious strategic research agenda and work plan for TDL.
  4. Identification of a balanced portfolio with project ideas covering the relevant dimensions for developing and implementing trustworthy products and services.