(AUthentication and AUthorisation for Entrusted Unions)

TDL initiated and supported the objectives of the EU-funded collaborative research and development project, AU2EU, which brings together a strong collaboration of leading industry and research organisations from Europe and Australia, determined to increase trust, security and privacy. The project consortium includes several current and former TDL members. The project’s aim was to foster the adoption of security and privacy-by-design technologies in European and global markets and to contribute to increased trust, security and privacy, and in turn the increased adoption of (cloud-based) critical infrastructures and collaborative delivery of services dealing with sensitive data. Central to the AU2EU project was the implementation and demonstration, in a real-life environment an integrated eAuthentication and eAuthorisation framework. Two pilots are executed to demonstrate feasibility of our approach for two of the use cases, i.e. for the bio-security incident response use case in Australia and the collaborative services for eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) use case in Europe.

The 24-month project finished in November 2015; to read more, go to