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Trust in Digital Life is a membership association comprising leading industry partners and knowledge institutes who exchange experience, share customer, market and technology insights, with the intention of improving the quality of trustworthy digital services and platforms available through joint research and development. Our vision is of a vibrant European Digital Single Market that benefits and can be trusted by both businesses and citizens. Find out more about what we do.

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TDL has recently published its ‘GDPR for SMEs‘ providing guidance for small and medium-sized businesses on how to approach data protection compliance

Breaking News!

TDL is delighted to announce that Professor Dr Antonio Skarmeta, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, University of Murcia and Stefan Bumerl, Founder and Managing Director, CRYPTAS, have joined TDL’s Board of Directors.

More Breaking News!

Skills for Jobs in the Digital Era – a Digital Enlightenment Forum Workshop
8 November 2018, Brussels
In a world facing serious disruptions created by AI and other technologies on education and training for the changing job market, action is needed to think about and develop new forms of education and training that fit better to the requirements of the world of tomorrow. DigEnlight will bring together technology and policy experts who can inform participants in the workshop on existing and newly needed policy and other initiatives. The workshop aims at producing recommendations for pertinent EU policy, including for the new 2021-2028 Framework Programme. It also strives to enable participants to interact and take new ideas back with them to work out in their own environments or in future partnerships and collaborations.
Participation in the workshop is free.

The Alexandra Institute
Deutsche Telekom M-Chair, Goethe University
IBM Zurich
The ID Co.
KU Leuven
Microsoft France
University of Murcia
NEC Laboratories Europe
Truxtun Capital
University of Twente