Over the course of a year, TDL will hold a number and variety of events, some of which are members and observers only whereas others are intended to attract non-members.

The mainstay of the TDL calendar are the Working Group meetings which take place three-four times a year and are hosted in different locations across Europe by members of the association. These meetings reflect the business of the association when working groups meet and discuss work items that have been progressed between meetings and where new initiatives are introduced and discussed. These events also provide an opportunity for the Board of Directors to convene.

In 2012, TDL introduced its flagship conference, Trust In The Digital World, which was then held annually for another three years. Now, TDW is a brand that TDL employs to denote a variety of events that it will host either alone or in collaboration with others.

With its working groups, notably the Blockchain, TDL has hosted two very successful one day events on Blockchain in The Hague and Brussels, a trend which the association is intending to continue.