TDL’s Strategic Advisors provide independent advice to TDL and the Board of Directors regarding TDL’s direction and activities.

The current advisors are:

  • Jörg Hladjk: to provide guidance and suggestions on TDL´s strategic direction that embraces policy, industry, technology, law and regulation, digital rights and economics;
  • Jacques Bus: to assist and advise on TDL’s relationships with bodies and stakeholders concerned with the effects of digitisation on society, and with the European Commission and other organisations at a European level;
  • Wendy Grossman: to advise in the areas of digital rights and civil society as well as on media matters; and to respond to specific requests from the TDL Board of Directors, such as providing feedback on or getting involved in TDL mission, policy and strategy.
  • Reinhard Posch: to advise TDL on e-Government with a specific focus on mGovernment and the needs arising with IoT, policy issues, as well as to facilitate contacts to ENISA and other EU and government agencies;