From February 2019 to December 2022, TDL was a beneficiary in the 43 partner large scale pilot project, CyberSec4Europe. TDL was responsible for the dissemination, communication and exploitation work package which included:

  • managing the project website and social media accounts,
  • reporting on summer school involvement,
  • tracking partner scientific publications,
  • reports on the cybersecurity issues pertaining to supply chains, particularly from an SME perspective
  • a series of reports analysing the current public and private initiatives to raise cybersecurity awareness amongst SMEs as well as proposals for the future
  • an extensive exploitation and innovation programme
  • a series of policy recommendations
  • a series of weekly blogs which were collected at the end of the project into a book, also available as a PDF download.

TDL was also responsible for managing the demonstration application area associated with Open Banking, including the wide-ranging roadmap reports.