Without trust, there can be no society; for each would be a law to itself, and the very notion of common action would disappear.


TDL members are shaping the security and trustworthiness that underpins Europe’s digital society and economy. The Association’s vision spans multiple technical, social and business domains.


TDL is building a community of experts from industry and academia to stimulate discussion and debate amongst Association members and other interested parties.

A Network Community

TDL members come together in person and online through webinars, conferences and working group meetings to discuss and learn from each other.


TDL is a well-balanced community comprising representatives from industry, universities, research institutes, SMEs and governments who collaborate on matters relating to policy and research. Check out the current list of members and, if you're not already a member, complete the membership form to join us.


As a TDL member you can:

  • Influence Europe’s vision on trust.
  • Share and enrich your knowledge and insights with experts and fellow professionals.
  • Participate in Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and other research projects.
  • Contribute through articles, whitepapers and topical posts.
  • Validate and improve your trust-related research or business strategies.

Organisations with an interest in promoting the trustworthiness of Europe’s digital society and economy are welcome to join us. Knowledge and commitment are the main requirements to participating in our community.

Trust in Digital Life is a not for profit organisation registered in Belgium and described as a VZW (Vereniging zonder winstoogmerk) or AISBL (Association international sans but lucratif) 

TDL is governed by a Board of Directors who serve two year terms and are elected by the members at the annual General Assembly.

The Association also benefits from a set of strategic advisors who are chosen from their expertise in areas relevant to TDL's governance and long term well-being.