Our objective is to build a community of industrialists, entrepreneurs and academics who can provide the awareness that the wider community can benefit from in their daily digital lives through monitoring the emergence of new technologies, observing industry and societal trends and offering recommendations to policymakers and influencers.

Our vision is of a vibrant European Digital Single Market that benefits and can be trusted by both businesses and citizens. Establishing a transparent and trustworthy transition from business transactions and social interactions in the physical world to the everyday online experience of citizens and businesses will continue to be the essential component that creates and maintains trust in a digital world.

Our major focus is on the research and business agenda of the European Union, in particular the EU’s research and innovation framework programmes, from Horizon 2020 to its successor, Horizon Europe, and the complementary Digital Europe and Connecting Europe Facility programmes.

TDL seeks to develop relationships with partners interested in collaborating in areas of research and innovation from cybersecurity, data protection and privacy to artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Through short, highly interactive roundtable discussions, we aim to tackle issues relating to new and proposed legislation as well as the ethical and corporate social responsibilities associated with emerging technologies and their application.

From banking to healthcare, driverless cars to online shopping, smart homes to smart cities, every aspect of our 21st century digital world is dependent on varying degrees of trust between consumers and suppliers, governments and their citizens.

Awareness of the continual threat of cyber attacks, identity theft and financial loss as regularly reported in the media has the potential to undermine confidence in taking full advantage of the opportunities available to grow the digital economy in Europe and beyond.

Similarly, many aspects of artificial intelligence are often not well understood. Besides popular fears and misapprehensions associated with the introduction of intelligent machines and robots, the unforeseen socio-economic impact of advanced machine learning processes as well as any malicious or hidden intent behind certain AI applications have the potential to be highly disruptive in the development of useful services that could set back beneficial progress for years.

By joining the association of TDL members, multinational corporations, SMEs, universities and research institutes can demonstrate their commitment to and establish credibility in espousing all aspects of trustworthiness.

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