TDL recently created a Council of Experts, an initiative to invite industry and academic subject matter experts to contribute short posts in order to stimulate discussion on a variety of multidisciplinary topics that will divine the technology environment of tomorrow. 

We consider it important that the complexities of the new and emerging technologies and regulations are addressed with a multidisciplinary approach that discussed early by a wide audience, directly and, where there is interest, to be followed up with a webinar or a working group to further refine the experts' views on these issues.

Based on Substack and echoed through social media, we will be promoting a series of short posts on topics which can be technical, strategic or even philosophical.

The first two posts were contributed by Claire Vishik, formerly of Intel and the TDL Board of Directors:

These short articles are intended to stimulate or provoke discussion and comment – so please feel free to do so!

We would like to hear from you as to which topic(s) would be the most important that you would like to see addressed and also, if possible, who you would like to see make the initial contribution. Contact us at [email protected].