Report for the event Momentum!

1 December 2022
- 2 December 2022

The overall theme of the event was not only to look at our achievements with work leaders reflecting on governance to standardisation, from blueprint research to skills training but also to highlight our visions for the future.

One of the highlights of the event was a showcase of six shortlisted ‘key exploitable and innovative assets’ for project partners to present or demonstrate which a two-person jury then assessed for winners. Attendees also heard our keynote speakers share their visions and expectations for the coming years from the perspectives of technology, industry, journalism and politics. All in all, this was a memorable and unmissable opportunity to learn what we have learnt and what we see as the way forward for the European cybersecurity community.

To learn more about Momentum!, read what was said:

And relive the whole event through the video recordings: