Policy Tools For Trust: Standards and Certifications for AI and Cybersecurity

14:30-17:30 Digital Europe, rue de la Science 37, Brussels (By invitation)

14 November 2023
Roundtables & Workshops

Policymakers around the world are seeking to regulate the digital environment to address concerns – e.g., cybersecurity and privacy – in the cloud, at the edge and on the networks. Standards and certifications seem to be a popular policy tool to streamline and harmonise appropriate requirements for hardware and software products. This regulatory approach inspired key EU legislation, such as the Cyber Resilience Act and the Artificial Intelligence Act.

  • Are standards and certifications the silver bullet for trust?
  • What is their added value to build global trust?
  • What are the limits and potential bottlenecks down the road?

These compelling issues – and more – were discussed with a roundtable of experts from the EU institutions, academia, industry and standardisation organisations.

Read the summary report to discover what was discussed and the emerging priorities.