The EU Digital Identity Wallet Initiative & Rollout

25 April 2023

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  • David Goodman, Senior Consultant, Trust in Digital Life:

The EU Digital Identity Wallet Initiative & Rollout

  • Lal Chandran, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, LCubed AB/

The TDL’s 2023 series of webinars kicked off on 25 April, with an overview of the EU’s ambitious initiative to enable all European citizens to have access to a digital identity.

Watch the full webinar recording here!

It started with the regulation, in this case eIDAS first introduced in 2016, which amongst other things allowed cross-border authentication with an e-ID to access key public services. However, today, only 14% of these services across all EU Member States are accessible by this means.

It was apparent that this did not meet the promise or expectation of the digital single market.

Hence, the eIDAS 2.0 regulation was formulated with the goal of making a European Digital Identity available to all EU citizens, residents and businesses who want to identify themselves or provide confirmation of certain personal information. Simply put, every EU citizen and resident  will be able to use a personal digital wallet for both online and offline public and private services across the EU.

The Commission ambitiously has targeted 2025 by which time every Member State has to make a Digital Identity Wallet available to every citizen who wants one – and that by 2030 80% of EU citizens will be using one.

For citizens, governments, and a wide range of public and private service providers, this is a massive set of challenges and opportunities.

To get the ball rolling, four large scale consortia kicked off a set of two year pilot projects from 1 April 2023 with a view to realising the vision of enabling EU citizens and businesses to have a digital identity.

From our first webinar, watch the recording to learn more about the implications of the proposed eIDAS 2.0 regulation, get an overview of each of the four pilots and deep dive into the objectives and methodologies of one of these projects. And in addition, watch a live demo of two use cases featuring consented data exchanges and verification services with digital wallets.